Reggie & Kate – Emigrate to China (Part 2)

Episode Description

This is part two of the conversation with Kate and Reggie. Check out the previous episode if you haven’t done it already.

In this episode, we dive deeper into China and its hidden beauty, and also how they get their visa and managed to stay. Getting a work permit in China is not as easy as it used to be, and becoming a citizen, well nearly impossible.

Do you know the messaging app WeChat? Well, in China is way more than just a WhatsApp type of app. Reggie and Kate will tell us what they use it for in their everyday life.

For people who are not familiar with Chinese culture, this episode will be mind-blowing.

Things we talked about in the episode

  • Landscape and cultural variety through china
  • How to get a visa in china
  • WeChat and personal data
  • Can you become a citizen of China?

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