Visa rejection and being in an immigration limbo away from the family

Episode Description

In this episode, Craig, from New Zealand, shares his experience of moving to the UK with his family. His partner Anna is from the UK, and the two children have a UK passport.

Although they have been together for more than a decade, getting his visa is still challenging. Finding the information and requirement is not straight forward, which brought him to a rejection from the immigration. Craig was waiting to go back to New Zealand to re-apply for his visa at the time of the interview. That means he has to leave his family until the immigration process his application and get his visa, or he's allowed to re-apply for a visitor visa.

Frustration is almost inevitable when dealing with immigration. Your life is on the line, and until you have an answer, you feel like you are in limbo.

This episode is a good eye-opener for anyone who is thinking of emigrating. Chances are you will face struggles and rejections. Nothing worth having comes easy.
It's also a good reminder for those of you that have been through it and now are residents or citizens in the new country. It was a long process, but you made it!


  • Visa rejection
  • Partnership visa immigration process
  • Living in an immigration limbo

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